Poem: Home – 04/06/20

I feel most at home here,
within these welcoming walls,
but a house is only a house
until we make it a home.
What makes mine one?
Let me share with you,
what luck I’ve been blessed with,
what good fortune, too.
It has nothing to do with
the furnishings,
nothing to do with
material possessions,
naught to do with
items which bring comfort,
it has everything to do
with the love within.
I live with those
who I am close with,
their kind words,
warming hugs,
our family unit is a world of our own,
consideration and open hearts.
Those who listen,
share their wisdom,
I share my happiness,
my joy with them all, 
the times when we were
all under strain
is long gone,
why, we’ve practically forgotten that pain.
Instead we are together,
in every sense of the word,
living as one,
a stronger family we have become.
With my growing maturity,
I can be my best to them,
kind, loving and caring,
when upset or in pain,
I can attend to them.
I now listen to their words,
respectful in the home,
our house not just a house,
but somewhere we can rest quietly,
together or alone.
I am grateful for this world,
this space,
where I can be myself,
thank you to my family,
for making this my home.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Harry Strauss from Pixabay

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