Poem: The Queen Within my Heart – 07/09/20

The resident of my heart exists softly,
she doesn’t want to alarm or perturb,
she simply wants to be present,
there for the aching and the suffering,
to be able to offer some consoling,
some comfort
during times I’m self-annihilating.

I cannot help it;
sometimes I allow things to get to me,
people, events, expectations overwhelm me,
and this little vision in my chest,
with fairy wings and conjured sparkles,
brightened eyes,
she soothes me,
strokes my tender skin,
calms me each day she’s needed.

She does not ask for anything in return,
exists on mere air and my appreciation,
I am ever so thankful to have her around,
because, without her,
my soul might feel such internal damnation.

I am dramatic, I understand,
but without her there to guide with her gentle hand
I might feel lost and alone,
and angered by her apparent desertion
from my heart’s throne.

For she is queen within my beating chest,
she flits and rules quietly,
my fairy queen,
now here to counsel and guide me,
for the right choices,
the right feelings,
the right emotions,
her regulations,
her subtle rulings.

It is as though she’s visited and is remaining
only for me,
because she knows that I must require her
to remain,
she is my light,
she is my sparkle,
she consoles and aids and accompanies me.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

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