Poem: Not of This World – 26/01/20

She is not of this world,  borne of an entity and a place where daggers and betrayal are commonplace, inside her heart lies dainty ticking time-bombs.   In her world, featuring prominently, are those egos, egos, ergonomic and plentiful, potent in their intoxication, and scents of creation, fresh, tall and poplar, she is not of [...]

Poem: shut-up prizes – 24/01/20

Contemplate ahead of the moment where precious jewels sparkle upon fingers of mad yet calculated women, where even madder men will fight to keep them happy but with their demands, ongoing, complaints, eternal sufferings, maddest men’s eyes look elsewhere, for new hands to bear, new hearts to win over.   The bejewelled, once beguiling women, [...]