Poem: Suspended – 12/01/20

She hangs mid-air, suspended, as though from faint fairy strings, with the mischievous beings, barely there, holding her aloft, chattering quietly, smiling, sparkling, socialising among themselves.   She understands she is not perfect, she’s been sneered at and jeered at all year, a hopeless reach into the view for perfection she’s been striving for, because [...]

Poem: A Hasty Exit – 05/01/20

There is the crashing of a chair’s lost footing prior to your return, you don’t hear the commotion, you have simply left to relieve yourself of ailments known as niggling thoughts.   Everything, as always, had been going swimmingly, until you reached for her hand, pressed it to your face with longing.   You fondled [...]

Poem: The Roast – 23/12/19

The roast looks magnificent, I can almost taste the glistening juice, dripping down the sides as though there is no other place for it but before our hungering eyes.   I see you practically salivating opposite me, between us the roast is perched quite perfectly, a distraction, a piece of meat to catch your eyes, [...]