Poem: soul regeneration – 08/12/21

dance kisses upon my throat
so this is what it means to hope
stroke delicate skin upon my clavicle
protrusion teases the heart which stems
from endless fervour growing, grown
exposed wrists like gentle sheets covering
calmed corpse awaiting his final resting place
lay with me
as you lie to me
and tell me I’m the most beautiful soul
in the world you’ll ever be damned to see

chagrin rolls in my chest
sooty moss spreads, engulfing my freedom of breath
these blatant lies you feed me
extricate me
envelope me
warm me
fool me
lulled into a false sense of dubious security
because, feed me with these tainted compliments,
continue with your altered sentiments
and soon I’ll come to believe, believe,
that the moon wasn’t meant to be with the stars
and instead destined for my eyes while I’m lying in
your arms.

but, perturbed am I
I cannot allow these feelings to emote evoke my being
immolate your false reverence
dear sentiment
I know your true intent
you want to feast upon me with your eyes
and I’m not like that
I am not here to be devoured
only my mind, my memory
should be entered into,
my mouth shall speak of what I want
and it’s the connection
amazing shared life joys,
even the trials and tribulations.

heaven sent is this prime connection
I seek mental stimulation
loving appreciation
the physical without it
is nothing to me
but soul degeneration.
Original artwork by myself
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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