collaboration: the sea-faring page and the empress – Braeden Kennedy and Lauren M. Hancock – 19/03/22

Thank you so much to my good friend and fellow Melbourne creative, Braeden Kennedy (@bak_doodlin_away) on Instagram) for drawing this amazing piece of art for me to set a poem to.

I am powerful, he affirms himself
creative, talented,
incredible, and different,
the cool sea-blue surrounding his
heart, mind, and soul,
cerulean blue, seascape days
calms him as he
calls upon the sign of the angels
exhibited by the sun’s rays.
warmed by their love
their guidance from up above,
he basks in their glory
and feels the connection from outside
and deep within,
it will last, he tells himself,
a cruel voice sniggers from afar –
“if only, you think…”
manipulations from the other side
another world perhaps
alternative rides,
taking a ride on the train
with these characters,
he won’t forget,
their words often
harsh, grating, snide.
one, passes, thrusts a handful of
tarot cards before him,
apparently he’s a seafaring page and
she the empress?
he shan’t grow unfocused,
with his art, he won’t digress
with his guiding spirit
he soars away from
the clownfish and the sea
the mermaids,
the distractions,
the memories which do not please,
and from within
he calls again to angels
to allow his creativity to breathe…
(c) 2022 Poem by Lauren M. Hancock @laurenm.hancock

Artwork by Braeden Kennedy @bak_doodlin_away & @bak_animations

Please visit, like, share and support Braeden’s artwork! He is so talented and his artwork so unique. Thanks once again, it was great to work with you on this, my friend.


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