Poem: To Adjust – 20/10/21

To isolate, but willingly, set aside myself from that once-hurried life, is something rightfully required, and I know this as such. To work on myself – self-improve, take the time to relax, not always be ‘at it’, the social butterfly, no longer me. I am repetitive, yes, but it’s to do with my training, the ability to wash over myself affirming words every morning. [...]

Poem: When Will We Meet? – 13/04/20

What would the world be without the sparkle in your eyes? The immutable knowledge that even amidst the chaos Our love will survive, It will withstand this weathering, This erosion, Upon our daily intents Our quarrels, Our makeups, Taken for granted.   And now, realisation hits, An understanding that we should have Cherished those times, [...]