Poem: To Pen Something Worthy On the Page – 08/04/20

I feel it’s been a while since I’ve written a quality poem,
Something to make me smile and feel pleased,
Proud of myself for something sharp and sweet,
Or lengthy but with purpose and a sense of growth and speed.
There was a time when I researched and read,
Many books of poetry I had immersed myself in,
Inspiration, a powerful thread,
But now, these books are silently laying,
Gathering cobwebs, it seems,
Until of them, my heart will once again be calling.
It was difficult to create when I felt the pressure
To delve into many other’s styles,
Why couldn’t I write in my own style,
Without having to research?
Of course, a writer is a reader, too,
A poet reads other poets.
But the time had come when I grew tired of it,
I needed a break, in order to keep on going,
To continue my art,
My twisting, turning words,
But then that break became longer and longer,
Until proudly, obnoxiously, it became incredibly self-assured.
This Break knew that it would be ongoing,
Something without end unless I gained the motivation to,
Once more, become back in the habit,
And I will try perhaps, one of these days,
To pick up my favourite poets and read their masterpieces,
Because of two reasons:
I enjoy them, and, they will assist my understanding and feelings,
Emotions to project through my words that can taunt, tease, or please.
So, this poem,
Where I bemoan,
Is not so much any more of that,
I had assumed I would complain,
Here are the workings of the frame,
I simply detail, detail, detail,
And my words,
My explanations,
Will hopefully,
In the future,
Become less of an excuse and frail,
I will pen something worthier onto my page.
© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay  

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  1. We all have to research. As a hacker, I’m not to find my own methods until I find my own. We all have to step back from our craft, so we can filter the clutter and find new perspective. That’s what you poem just let me think. So nice job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, we have to research, but also not become too absorbed in the research that it takes away from our style or methods. That’s what I think and how I feel, anyway. Otherwise we may unintentionally be aiming to clone the way the people whose work we look up to.


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