poem: the lake – 11/03/22

with a dear friend around the lake I take a turn and admire ducks, smile at happy mothers children, and puppies with men. I am animated, she listens with quiet calm, by her side, I need no longer need take her arm, for days of physical support are not near, there’s nothing to help me, nor there to fear, while anxiety can burden, it’s not featuring here.

poem: the colours, a beginning – 11/03/22

The colours, they always brought me hope,Aura-binding, hue-enhancing,Pink, yellow, blue, green, indigo,But where is the pink, the love I know?I went through life from goals to achievements,Strengths to knowledge,Triumph and growth,But I fell apart,Underlying predisposition,Some of us break at the seams,Myself: undiagnosed manic depressive.Etching large shadowy figures on myBedroom walls,Self-harm,Tears they would fall,Such joy, elation [...]

poem: kookaburras – 07/03/21

Kookaburras sing their laughter, two fighting for acknowledgement, one with the other, and galahs smile with their cheeky beaded eyes winking, oh my! and the lorikeets feast on our figs, damn it! Mum wants to know WHY. Why is it they are so greedy, sitting on the boughs so precious, looking for something delicious for a bird so pretty, one two flew the coup, out the nest, and well, life is just beginning.

Poem: Placement – 10/02/20

Can Redeemable I be, thy irreverent clause?A chink in the armour, karmic retribution calls?Truth tells, forever yours?I’ll be loyal, less judgemental and kind,But boy how I will need to bite my tongue at perceived thieves who wish to reach and ride alongside. I will smile and be lovely, teach the students about my condition daily,But [...]