Poem: Paper-Thin – 02/07/20

Some may view me as mechanically sound, for I smile quite naturally and talk with a lilting, confident tone. My words are humorous, relaxed, and 'well', they don’t know what’s hiding inside, the astringent sadness, she overwhelms.   Internally, I feel stretched, as though a punishing thin layer has been made out of me, a [...]

Poem: A Bipolar’s Addled Mind – Spoken Word and Text – 26/06/20

https://soundcloud.com/user-894707136/a-bipolars-addled-mind-spoken-word-poetry I shriek, my body flushed and covered with welts, my very first memory, my very first malady.   Illness will follow me wherever I go. My violin's bow hairs tightly hug the strings, as left-hand dexterity is a-flurry, the fruits born of my first psychosis, the magic of a mind wholly scattered and broken, [...]

Poem: The Farce – 20/06/20

There are days when I feel incredibly down, I can’t turn the corners and curves of my mind back up and around,   my stage presence is moot, I’d like to crawl back in the pages of my life’s former books, and relive the wonderful stages.   But I cannot control myself, my miserable entity [...]

Poem: Escape Room – 28/05/20

Fingertips against the wall, pressing, gouging, wanting to get through, but no way out.   I am aghast at this imprisonment – four walls slowly caving in. Like impending doom, they inch in all around, closer and closer, it’s growing difficult to breathe.   Why this state of insanity? Am I deserving of its encroachment? [...]

Poem: No Matter What – 19/03/20

I am rounder but I am happy, the streamlined silhouette once paraded has become modest at long last. Need I quarrel with myself? Discuss that which displeases me? No! I am stronger than this, the crumbling of that petty yet insidious disease which will no longer triumph above all else.   I punished myself – [...]