Poem: No Matter What – 19/03/20

I am rounder but I am happy, the streamlined silhouette once paraded has become modest at long last. Need I quarrel with myself? Discuss that which displeases me? No! I am stronger than this, the crumbling of that petty yet insidious disease which will no longer triumph above all else.   I punished myself – [...]

Poem: Girlish Dreams – 26/02/20

fairy bread and toffee apples and Barbie dolls and cupcakes pink princess outfits and friends' prematurely planned weddings and skipping rope and playing-house games   a little girl’s dreams so simple and easy to please those years in primary school where we danced on the rocks like sprites with ease   but then my dreams [...]

Poem: Rich Blood – 06/02/20

Blood pumps through my veins, potent, rich, disastrous, cells which slip and slide, speaking of a invasive nature that is hereditary.   The mishaps which befit my existence were invisible to begin with, then with coercion, coaxing, they came forth. The personality changes, the heights the lows, the outstanding misunderstandings,   the delusory nature of [...]

Poem: An Arresting Freedom – 23/01/20

Teeming with truth is the garden pond beneath me, little goldfishes and ginormous catfish sharing the same muck, and breathing the same strangling air. There is no poisoning permitted within their world, no time for man-made deaths, perilously cold, creations of old. They have this amazing ability of not bumping into one another, as though [...]

Poem: Medication – 10/01/20

The medication swims in my forehead, for some reason it’s affecting me there most, tonight I am hazier, staying up far too late, allowing the dosages to overly affect my consciousness.   I want to make the most of my evening, but with these tablets I cannot, they drown my lobe; I feel the tightness [...]