Poem: dreamy – 07/02/14

Work on myself

I’ll show you how I work

When I clean sweep wash the karma from me until its distilled and green

I’ll talk it walks!

Watch me as I work to cement myself as mint grey

And the colours of the rainbow

Visitation? Come what may.

I’ll show you how I work,

When my soul is spotless clean

Everything in taciturn and emblematic as I’m seen

Watch the bridges burning red as I terrorise the torrents

vaporise the nonsense

That’s ingrained within my addled mind

Watch me as I work it work it

Move it drop it fix it stick it

Moving around as though I’m in it

Watch me bloom from within my turret

The pink and black and stars of the sky with bending upon knees to see me as I cry

The wanton need to always be seen has crystallised

I’m perfectly clean, can’t you see?

And you, and you?

How about me?

I will sleep soundly as I dream.

The first dream of this century

Where I didn’t want or need for anything other than being


Now is this ending so ultimately dreary?

Anything but, I believe it’s rather dreamy.

(C) copyright 2022 Lauren m. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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