Poem: the constant common denominator – 08/02/2022

It feels so natural to speak the truth

Embedded with Constance to see me through

Upon the tips of my tongue

A hullabaloo

And an irrevocable meaning, melding

Of heartfelt growling too.

They’re, we’re indestructible, I know,

View the airiness within me as my two delicates rose

I need not have not

Want for material things because the truth is

My spirit is soaring.

No matter what you say or do

You cannot take me from the stars

From the skies

The sighs and I quickly taste that bitter pill

Of poison

For some refuse me heavens door

No matter how hard I rap or knock

I cannot get in …

Frantic cries for Doc!

The paid spread the mayhem


I calm myself

It’s only motes

Or dust

My being is travelling

Astral through the sky

Whisper I sleep prettily and dream of

Wonderful butterflies

Shush as they encompass me

Their light winged air begging me to stare at

Their wondrous dramatic colours of sweet rich hues

Nothing like where upon the earth,

We are hunted for training

For sailing for achievements


I am no more a sheep for fleece as steak is to hunger

I refuse to be your sacrifice any longer r

Before those guilty of harbouring powers from me for so many years

Stuff you and your sister and your job cause your beard, because hey,

I kinda like your beard. 🙂

Returning in all seriousness, don’t cease my ability to soar, I don’t NEED you now, all I needs myself is my mind, my wits and the ability to laugh at funny situations.

Because laughter shared is happiness gained, my love. Did you not know that?

I like you more or less. 🙂

(C) copyright 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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