poem: wonder – 20/12/21

I don’t wonder about the beauty of the moonlight I never question the luminosity of the stars what they mean when they’re together burning up in arms I don’t want to see them fall shoot across the sky because they’re already perfection in stationary twinkling searing being diamonds slicing the serenity of my eyes as I gaze into the epiphanies of my solar tides I can be without existing so it seems in this world, creation of myself affirmations I use as treatment my words treasure the ephemeral nights lit by haunting future days [...]

Poem: wild dance – 11/11/21

I dance with my heart in the moon’s mouth he treasures it gently, carries it lightly never will he drop it because he is divining surely total ineptitude I sit here hands open wide and smile give me my heart back I speak with earnest he shakes his head a little while and sighs and relinquishes as he views my desperation to once again be in pure contemplation in recipient of my beating heart filled with fervour and pace like a startled rabbit I need it I want it he hands it to me reinsertion: my heart begins to race [...]

Poem: Luminescent – 02/05/21

The Moon in all his glory,  pale, craggy, yet luminescent,  he smiles down upon our Earth as though in a parody, a soft spot held for us, and meant. The Sun, she tries to jostle with him for pride of place in the sky,  I laugh, shake my head to myself,  I don't bother to ask her why.  They can and do co-exist,  but one's more prominent than the other,  I don't have to, [...]