poem: wonder – 20/12/21

I don’t wonder about the beauty of the moonlight
I never question the luminosity of the stars
what they mean when they’re together
burning up in arms
I don’t want to see them fall shoot across the sky
because they’re already perfection in stationary
twinkling searing being
diamonds slicing the serenity of my eyes as I gaze  
into the epiphanies of my solar tides
I can be without existing so it seems
in this world, creation of myself
affirmations I use as treatment
my words treasure
the ephemeral nights lit by haunting future days
I sing for my sanity
I rise for my delirium
I call to the moon for his approval
but he speaks not
simply shines fortuitously
with serenity
a kind of all-knowing telling me that
everything is going to be as I desire
as I hope for
this coming hour I will feel the tides
the shifting within the voids of the night
and dance within the intents –
my soul utters  
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image credit: Canva

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