Prose: Blame – ‘A Reason for why you’re not wrong’ – 07/06/21

I’ll admit it. It’s human nature; I’ve been known to gear my poor decisions, my poor judgements onto others, to events, to differing reasons – blame, blame anyone else but myself, I’ve been there, haven’t you? At these times, couldn’t I have acknowledged that voice I hushed inside that we all occasionally stifle away, desperately want to hide, which wants to scream, “You, you are wrong, surely you can admit it this time?” [...]

Poem: Changes – 04/02/21

I liked the way the pain was numbed, as though an anaesthetist injected me, cruel jab to be kind, no feelings of any style, was it easier to not feel those emotions of old, none to be felt, seen, or held? I became empty, days monotonous, nothing to look forward to, that become pain in itself, the knowing that the unknowing promised all the much [...]