Poem: The Mirror: In-Between and Afar – 23/06/20

I drag out my colours,
many hues to
create a show,
A popularity contest?
Or a forceful appearance?
How will the audience react?
Perhaps I already know.
I begin to create,
build the underpainting,
of the basics
of that face,
that wide-eyed,
mildly shocked expression
that shows she’s 
realised something,
or that some fact has her
strangely amazed.
Painstakingly – no!
Haphazardly yes!
Do I slap on her colours,
her pigments,

she’s really shaping up
to be a
beautiful one, you see,
tinges of 
hot then cool colours; 
Borne of chaos,
borne of haste,
her hues shimmer,
her tones scintillate,
they really create that
visual realm
where we are
taken on a journey –
her journey –
but where did she travel?

No one knows but me.

Because as I look in the mirror
to reference the
painterly revelation
of my personality,
its travel, 
my development
here upon this Earth,
I smile to myself,
for the chaos has settled,
inner beauty and outward wonder
in my life have appeared,
they have shown their faces
at last.
Now the shades begin
to seamlessly blend,
coagulation of tints,
colours melt,
warming trends,
the appreciation in this
character’s eyes
for her world
is plain for all
to see.
Relaxed shoulders and posture,
thankful, ever grateful,
for the ability of self-development
and the ability to finally feel
so free.
From a frenzied presence
to a gracious, determined being,
for life’s progression and lessons
I thank my lucky stars,

I adore how life
has allowed much growth so far,
and my eyes,
those painterly eyes,
are staring right back at me,

no longer hollow or aching,
widened or shocked
but knowing,

understanding what’s beyond for
her and myself,
in the future,
in our Afar,

our qualities, our realities,
our emotional experiences,
this is the priceless wealth
of the land of In-between,
melded, we finally are.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo: myself 
Soundcloud background music: 
Music: Memory - AShamaluevMusic. 
Music Link: https://youtu.be/5D3JTidH59g

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Image by Aida KHubaeva from Pixabay

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