Prose: A Decree to be Felt, Heard, and Seen – 26/05/21

There’s a gentle humming surrounding my being, as though I’m reverberating from the inside-out. Something warm and prominent spreads out to my border, my aura, and there’s no ill feeling, nor any sign of doubt. Every inch of flesh breathes shudders with gentle flow, reminding me I’m living and breathing and, with connectedness to a higher source, my energy resonates and grows. [...]

Poem: Lingering – 09/07/20

The silence greets me. The questions which I have uttered are left lingering, their syllables carelessly thrown to the wind.   It’s not a struggle to have let them go, in fact, they’re a release, a moment of crisis, a catharsis,   and I know, I know, that not every utterance should be an emancipation, [...]

Poem: Addiction – 08/07/20

Addiction, it can reveal itself in many insidious forms: drugs, alcohol, food, another person, even yourself.   It starts off small, nothing sinister, just a drag here, a sip there, a few excited texts in a row, or the journal in which you scrawl endless thoughts of your own.   Addiction, it’s potent, perhaps you’ll [...]

Poem: Butterfly Needle – 06/07/20

How much can I provide of myself before the dripping blood ceases then clots?   A silent protesting of my vein that I’ve given all I can willingly give – there comes a point where I must stop.   The vein is worn, to extract any further would require that butterfly needle, that gentle implement [...]