Poem: Lingering – 09/07/20

The silence greets me. The questions which I have uttered are left lingering, their syllables carelessly thrown to the wind.   It’s not a struggle to have let them go, in fact, they’re a release, a moment of crisis, a catharsis,   and I know, I know, that not every utterance should be an emancipation, [...]

Poem: Addiction – 08/07/20

Addiction, it can reveal itself in many insidious forms: drugs, alcohol, food, another person, even yourself.   It starts off small, nothing sinister, just a drag here, a sip there, a few excited texts in a row, or the journal in which you scrawl endless thoughts of your own.   Addiction, it’s potent, perhaps you’ll [...]

Poem: Butterfly Needle – 06/07/20

How much can I provide of myself before the dripping blood ceases then clots?   A silent protesting of my vein that I’ve given all I can willingly give – there comes a point where I must stop.   The vein is worn, to extract any further would require that butterfly needle, that gentle implement [...]