Poem: Bouncing Back to Clarity – 25/05/21

Bouncing back to clarity,
what’s right and honest for me,
unselfishly considering myself,
what works for my life,
not putting myself behind others,
not lingering in potential
or future strife.

To feel connectedness to others,
the warmth of electric energy,
be careful of some connections,
electrifying can become
dangerous indeed.

Set some boundaries,
don’t allow any to
overstep the line,
it’s what I am
comfortable with,
can’t allow anxiety to
grow with time.

Don’t allow others to meld,
view situations for
what they are,
transparency is important
to maintain,
even from afar.

And knowing, being aware
of the next step there is
to take,
perhaps there will
be loss,
maybe it’s required
for Heaven’s sake,

perhaps the road here
has come to an end,
now for a detour,
only so many times words can be
retracted or unmeant.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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      1. Surely you are welcome Lauren🙂👍🏽Glad I found your site, I do see some parallels in our styles 💓 However, I can be all over the place! But the thought wrestling is my favorite. Have yourself a wonderful weekend.

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