Prose: A Decree to be Felt, Heard, and Seen – 26/05/21

There’s a gentle humming surrounding my being, as though I’m reverberating from the inside-out. Something warm and prominent spreads out to my border, my aura, and there’s no ill feeling, nor any sign of doubt. Every inch of flesh breathes shudders with gentle flow, reminding me I’m living and breathing and, with connectedness to a higher source, my energy resonates and grows.

Feeling at one with nature, with a higher power, with the Universe, enlivens this once world-weary being – growth, new life, refreshening, was a process. A method through madness, through lost will, through journeys untold, which dragged me down, and further still, until I made the decision to respect myself, my life, to be grateful and follow a process of knowing who I could become through determination, sheer power and will.

I no longer meander; I can hold my head high, having direction feels glorious in this life. I chose, I made the decision to surround myself with those who will build themselves up, not tear myself down; I need to travel with those who want to help themselves or at least receive assistance to learn to care for and develop themselves.  My capabilities are used to live and improve, but if outstretching a hand temporarily to others means being a guiding support, I’ll offer it to be held, but I cannot promise to be a crutch, or the solution to something I’m not obliged to solve. With resolution, I will endeavour to be understanding and present, but sometimes Life calls for separation and dissolution, through power of common sense, dignity, and free will.

Bury the hatchet, disguise concealed intents, this world requires us to co-exist with love, praise, and harmony, but I must retain the right to still be treated with respect. There is no space in my world for words of heightening degrees, heated blame to vent, not calmly speak, these will no longer constrict me, to the horizon’s beauty my eyes will focus, opportunity for continued happiness which I have chosen and undertaken as my decree.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo courtesy of Pexels.

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