Poem: disarmed – 12/12/21

change is as impermanent as the irreverent footsteps brushing against the floorboards then carpeted pavement travelling toward the bedroom door for a glimmer of your strength as your heart it beats quietly in slumber days well spent days well spent I sigh to myself for I see the journey within your nightly trials in your eyes sparkles glimmer alterations to be observed and saved soul shimmers [...]

Poem: To Adjust – 20/10/21

To isolate, but willingly, set aside myself from that once-hurried life, is something rightfully required, and I know this as such. To work on myself – self-improve, take the time to relax, not always be ‘at it’, the social butterfly, no longer me. I am repetitive, yes, but it’s to do with my training, the ability to wash over myself affirming words every morning. [...]

Poem: Better – 25/09/20

The rain pitter-patters against the window reminding me of the melancholy I used to feel, but now I am developing myself, I am fusing myself together, redetermining self-worth. I need not chase the opinions high nor low of yonder words to come, need not seek the approval of critical strangers, or unkind people who I’m not close with, why, shouldn’t they matter [...]

Poem: Construction Site – 16/09/20

Your world will feel like a construction site, workers wandering the areas with intent, lifting, hauling, attaching, installing, ensuring that progress is made, this is why they’ve been sent. They are making certain that changes are timely, are attractive, and according to the plans for the one who is paying, and you, you, my friend, [...]

Poem: The Path – 23/04/20

Weariness, Weariness, rests upon my head, where cobwebs and stilted cogs lay well rested in their beds, the machinery’s movements have ceased, Weariness allows me to take that break, but behind the scenes I’m still ruminating, I simply disguise it from him.   Aptitude, Aptitude, once carefully measured with closely observed time, makes me wonder [...]