Poem: Gasp – 26/10/20

I gasp.
It wasn’t expected,
to see this sight today.
But then, I smile,
because in a way,
I have been quietly asked to let go of personal dismay.

I’ve set my sights on improvement,
within my life I’m going to change,
and I’ve already made self-alterations,
I can view them on the page.

As they’re read quietly, in my own style,
I acknowledge what I’ve already done for myself,
forming new habits takes a while.
Learning to look after myself,
my mind, my body,
I can amplify what they are needing,
for what they are calling.

For I try to now listen to them,
and my spirit,
to these three, I’ve forged a commitment,
to care for myself mentally, holistically,
to do so means in a manner positively
and wholeheartedly.

No room for doubt or fear,
or wondering if there’s enough strength in me to steer,
I will attend to my life’s direction,
I will be illuminated in the sunshine,
and heal and succeed, re-connection,
heal, mend, and attend,
I’ve already performed the interventions.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Danny Lines on Unsplash


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