Poem: personal astronomy – 12/12/21

as I speak, I wonder,
what is there to gather from this world we inhabit?
what is there to take away from it?
to cherish, to treasure from it?
so much to glean so many concepts felt, seen
and thriving is this feeling I have within me
for I have grown wiser from my experiences
played puppet and now I dance the strings with ease
it’s electrifying to know that I can direct my movements
rest assured, Life is calling,
and I am welcomed by it.

there is no chance that I’ll allow it to
pass me by again
or wreak havoc on my heart and mind
allow others to observe, perhaps gain,
it’s not their fault any more than it is mine,
human nature can be cruel,
and unkind.

selfish gains were proceeds
and my life seemed unworthy
moments taken from me
but I gave and I gave
like rolling pebbles I threw moments away
and now I reign and roar –
this World I explore.

so many experiences, so many instances
so many to love to appreciate to share knowledge with
creativity to become more learned shared growth
and brightness personified fills my irises
pupils engorged selfish eyes
I will
take. my. fill
and my heart screams with passion,
so shrill.

I wish I had learned earlier how to be a participant
and take my taste,
that its not about receiving but giving also,
to others we must respect and kneel
and equality will soon reign when I realise
what is now staring me in the face:
Love, Life, Personal Astronomy,
travel the stars moon sun planets of my heart and my soul
ever so freely…
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Photo by Ben Mack from Pexels

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