Story example: Amelia and her Tapestry of Colours – 16/07/19

Amelia the Ballet Dancer and her tapestry of colours.

By Alice Well (LMH)  (c)

A tapestry of colours was what the sky had to offer, a melded, malleable weaving of hues and subtly formed pictures. A glorious awakening to one’s day, the views of the heavens excited the dancer in every way. 

Amelia the Ballet Dancer lived and breathed colours. She was enlivened by their presence that assured her. They caused her heart and head to bounce and flounce and buzz, her feet to prance and leap, higher and higher just because! 

The reason was that while she lived for dance, she lived for colours too, for she was secretly an artist, although she did not share this, even with friends who were of her very best. The reason was she was frightened of judgment and failure, instead she rose for the dawn and with paintbrushes performed her calling in nature.

One fine morning when the sky was ‘pickadilly’ – her name for a mixture of red, pink and blue in the far off hills that were so pretty –  her eyes and careful ears stumbled upon a quiet watchful kookaburra, looking wryly over at her. She giggled herself, for these birds were meant to cackle manically, laugh, laugh, laugh, and instead he sat noiselessly, beady eyes seemingly observing enough.

“Why, come and dance, come fly with me!” Amelia implored, “Visit the skies with me!” And thrust her hands towards them she did, throwing her head back and cackling with glee, now Mr. Kookaburra, perplexed initially, sung his own sweet laughter in a beautiful major key. 

Now Amelia’s morning painting features a new character, not just her lovely coloured tapestry of the skies, a new knowing clever character, a wondrous bird to ponder. And ponder and appreciate and amazed and wowed were her friends upon revealing her first public painting to them, there was no judgement, her fears were unwarranted, she was actually appreciated and lauded for being quite talented.

So Amelia openly lives two lives now, one of dance, and the other of artistic painterly creations, by day she leaps and pirouettes, and by night and dawn she details the world’s creations. 

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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