Story example: Amelia Jayne Rust, One Costume Never Enough – 28/07/19

Amelia was passionate about Drama and dress ups.

Meet Amelia Jayne Rust. She loved to play dress ups. The only problem was, with her, one character was never enough. She simply could not decide which animal or person to be, instead she piled on hats, headbands, wings, anything that would confuse the viewer when she pronounced she was ready to be seen! Amelia didn’t suffer from anything like an identity crisis, in case that’s what you were wondering, she was simply indecisive and was haphazard with her costume choices, rather than sitting there, solitary and pondering. What fun it was for her to change, into a new individual upon individual each and every day.

For, her mother allowed her daily dress ups, even when she attended morning secondary school, for in the afternoon she experienced such joys that she could barely hold her anticipation at bay, the class she awaited would come so very soon. It was Drama, where she could express and be herself (but also not be herself), taking on roles and starring as characters that her imagination had created in the spur of the moment, her creativity was more than enough to be appreciated and pondered.

In fact, her Drama teacher secretly held the belief that one day Amelia Jayne Rust would be famous, as an actress in her right no less, also starring in roles of the theatre and musical shows displaying her prowess. Amelia’s incredible talents lent to wildly amazing habits, and daily she would document the stories in her mind, their utterly incredible processes. She was practising becoming a playwright, a poet, a lyricist, and wouldn’t her dramatics go with them so well, they lent themselves to these.

Soon came the day for university auditions. Amelia hoped to procure a place within the prestigious drama college in the city. With nerves of steel, she performed the role of “Susie, Teacher of Grade Two”, set in an office block where she took classes in groups of three, and sometimes two. Occasionally her role would be utterly depressive, then on her good days, manically uplifting, but whatever mood Susie was in, she made certain it benefited her students. Even on her bad days she didn’t call in sick, she made sure her teaching skills were still to be seen while she was ever present.

To Amelia’s surprise, the panel of three gave out a resounding cheer, two out of the three stood to attention, a standing ovation, and how proud Amelia was of herself, for her script, her carefully honed skills, that a single tear escaped her, and then enough was enough!

“Amazing, amazing!” called the final panel member remaining seated. “I can see that falsified tear escaping thee! What perfect control of your emotions,” he gushed, and wasn’t his excitement more than enough, when the three members reassured her that she had secured a college place. It was not their role to tell her now, but so exuberant they were they could not hide the information, it would be to no avail, and with joy and incredible wonder, Amelia bounded outside to her awaiting mother.

“Mum,” she whispered. “Let’s take a triumphant picture.” Then Amelia suddenly realised that this audition had been the first moment in a while where she had acted only as one character, and to her great and utter surprise it had been without fail. For what she had grown to fear the most over the years in selecting one individual or animal or person, was coming across as bland, boring, and almost uncertain. The layering of different roles helped her, assisted her to succeed, but now she realised that she only needed to be one person, one individual at a time in this world to bring others standing to attention or bringing them to their knees. It was a realisation she held quite dearly, and wasn’t her future now planned out and pretty?

As anticipated by Amelia’s drama teacher, she was a roaring success, the world lapped up her acting skills, beauty and charisma, and skills ever so delightedly, and when it came to the latest popular series or upcoming movie, you could be certain there was a chance that Amelia Jayne Rust would be the leading lady.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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