Poem and Watercolour: Baby Balloon Goes for a Stroll – 29/07/19

Baby Balloon and Mama Martha on their walk.

Baby Balloon was excited,

She was soon to go on her walk,

With her adoptive mother, Mama Martha,

When they walked, they loved to sightsee and talk.

Normally, with most balloons,

One would expect to view them to be floating like a miniature moon,

But Baby Balloon had not yet learned that skill,

She was confined to walking on her tippy toes and resting on her calloused heels.

She performed so much walking that her heels were thickened with the roughened skin,

But it did prove how proactive she was at moving about the world which begged to be explored and seen.

On her tippy toes, over a fence, she could see slightly, a couple inches more of the scene,

When she rested on her heels, she wondered where on earth that world had gone,

Where her eyes had just been.

“How much longer will it take?” she begged Mama Martha. “Until I can soar high above, much higher than the others?”

She wondered how much longer she must wait to learn,

The baby balloon’s equivalent of human walking from crawling,

She was already three years old, should she be concerned?

Was Baby Balloon of stunted development, is this something to sigh of and quietly self soothe?

Would she forever be walking,

An oddity soon to be featured on the Nightly News?

Saddened at the conversation, in which Mama Martha had simply reassured her,

Baby Balloon and Mama set out on their walk.  

“Look at this tree, now that shrub,

And now look! A sparrow and a lark!”

Then suddenly a whooooosh of cold autumn air lifted Baby Balloon clean off the path,

And rise and rise above, dear Martha she did,

“Mama – look! I’m flying at last!”

It did not matter that the flight was artificial,

 That she was not making use of any newly learned or acquired skills,

For she was so delighted with herself,

This feeling of excitement and euphoria had the potential to make one delightfully thrilled.

But now she was dropped carefully back down to earth,

“Mama, I think I can do it,” she whispered, and with a deep inhale, exhale of a breath and then a pause,

She lifted herself clean from the ground, you see,

With the assistance of certain circumstances we can truly learn to improve and be.

Baby Balloon flew everywhere now, but sometimes allowed Mama Martha to walk her,

A form of nostalgia.

A beautiful Balloon story in the making,

One day she would become an unpaid teacher of the community,

Sharing her knowledge of flight,

Allowing the youngsters to rise sooner than naturally possible,

Into their days and winding nights.

And smile upon her future students would she with greatness, pride and might.  

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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