Poem and Drawing: Ecstatic Jumping Jellybean – 30/07/19

She was more than happy with her life.

She was an ecstatic jumping jellybean, the happiest bean the world had seen.

She liked to jump in and out of people’s way, causing reckless commotions throughout the day.

Oh, how it made her sing and then laugh, merriment spurting from her sweetened mouth,

And then when it came to laying down for rest during the night, her body was horizontally tested, and her mind and body were slowly going south for hours to remain.

What existed within Jellybean’s dreams?

Why, the prettiest, glorious stories to be ever viewed, heard, then mentally seen!

She created mental images from her daily events, from the moments when she jumped here, there and everywhere.

The shock, the horror, and the joy, upon people’s faces and within their eyes,

When she intercepted their paths, of course it amused her, these mental images were set to last.

“WHY, JOLLYBEAN, WHY ARE YOU ASLEEP?” A booming voice entered her dreams.

“JOLLY, JOLLY, JOLLY!” and she heard a loud guffaw, she certainly wasn’t peacefully sleeping anymore.

It was her half brother Fred, the Green Grotesque Jellybean who had fallen and bumped his head,

He now sported a great bump in his forehead and in his crown, a mere look at the dints would make one cry, “Yeeeeouch!”

“You’re always sleeping or scaring,” Fred chided. “Why don’t you do something productive?”

“What, like fall and hit my head?” Jollybean, also known as Jellybean said, and then she regretted it, why did she need to be cruel with what she said?

Fred’s saddened, long face pained her to view, she decided to cheer him up, in the best way she could.

“Let’s go scaring, come, it will be great fun!” and reluctantly, then slowly smilingly Fred agreed, and then the decision was made, the activity agreed upon.

And a gloriously fine day together they had did they, pursuing peoples and other individuals, keeping their own wits at bay.

That Fred clear forgot the nasty comment Jollybean had made, and he hugged her tightly for the great and wondrously hilarious day.

Nowadays they perform their scaring twice weekly as a way of maintaining their sibling bond,

They’ve grown closer and closer and greatly enjoy the moments together just because,

They were not essentially that different, despite Frank’s propensity for clumsiness,

And Jollybean’s habit of making life a light-hearted laughing mockery and sometimes a downright mess.

Because when they were together, their lives were always blessed.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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