Poem and Drawing: The Monster Whose Scaring Went Too Far – 06/08/19

I can scare you, I can startle you, just with a wave of my arms,

My hungry,  googley eyes will view and devour you, don’t I possess so much charm?

I will creep, I will sneak on my fluffy feet until I reach my dreams,

Of scaring you and knowing that you are utterly frightened of me.

What say you to this? Am I by all means an oddball, wanting to frighten, are my dreams remiss?

Or can you understand that scarin’ runs in the fam’, and that to carry on with this sense of adventure is behaviour which is encouraged to stick.

But one day I startled the wrong person, she was heading south down the road,

She was listening to music and smiling to herself,

Then out of the darkened alleyway I crept,



Slide and then walk,

And before her with my hands presented forth did I jump!

“Arrrrghhhhh!” she cried, shrill shrieking in my ear. “Aaaahhhhh!” she continued on, her eyes bulging with fear.

Then suddenly she grasped her chest, breathing heavily, here is a fact, I had caused her a suspected heart attack,

And this was no joking matter.

No matter that I am a monster, and would be frowned upon for remaining,

I stayed with this girl to ensure the ambulance officers could save her.

But they would not let me into the vehicle, they would not allow me to travel, to see,

I sighed heavily and left my phone number with the older ambulance girl, asking them to contact me.

The very next day, I received a call. The girl was alive, safe and well. She had thanked the nurse to pass onto me, even though she knew the heart attack’s causation was me.

Apparently she had already experienced three mini heart attacks in her life,

And the major attack had been waiting to show itself, at any specific or given time.

She was so thankful that I had been there to assist her,

She wanted to take me out for a thank you dinner.

And as I sat nervously at the table, waiting for her to arrive, I understood that it was a miracle that she had survived.

I am not a saviour, I was simply in the right place, and my actions forced a heart attack that was premature, but almost welcomed in that fateful day.

She arrived in a bedazzled pink dress, walking towards me, swishing here, swishing there,

And it was with a respectful nod of my head toward her, we toasted our champagne flutes to living stronger and even longer.

These days I am retired from scaring, the thought of returning causes my head to hurt, my eyes to feel paining and glaring,

For I am here now looking after my love, the girl who strolled down south, she accepted me from the moment we locked eyes, she knew it was a message from someone important, someone up above.

She fervently believed we had met in those strange circumstances to commence our special worldly love.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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