Story example: The Grasshopper and the Monster Wheel – 05/08/19

Morty was more than chuffed enough with his recent discovery.

Morty the Grasshopper liked to own everything large, he liked to lay claim to everything gigantic he saw. When he laid eyes upon this monster truck wheel which had been cast aside, he thought to himself, “This has been deserted and abandoned, and I will make it mine!”  And surprised to find it soft and somewhat squishy, nothing like how he imagined, not even in his wildest dreams, he jumped and jumped upon it with forceful power, he positively loved it, he could do this for hours it seemed! It was like a perfectly round jumping castle, with the squish, squish, squash, and provided height of better than he’d ever experienced and seen, he wanted to jump repeatedly as it rolled forwards and backwards, he wanted to do everything  – fly, land, jump!

The main selling point though was the height and width of the wheel, apparently it had been used on a monster super truck, according to a tag near its left seal. Morty just loved how large the wheel was, he could jump and explore it for days and weeks and never, ever grow bored. So he did so, he performed the trek for three whole weeks, where he explored the circumference of the wheel, but then a discovery, and my, was it bleak.

He had discovered a family of hunting spiders, living in the inner curvature like hidden soldiers.  And when they were happened upon, their eyes grew widened, how they were so terrified, to have been discovered from their safe house, which their Mother had obviously chosen and decided. Surely the Mother spider believed this would be a safe place to coexist, but now here Morty the Grasshopper was, and they were all mute, they could not bring themselves to even speak.

Never before had they seen a being such as Morty, never before had they experienced the palpitating in their chests, such fearful hurting. But Mother’s eyes narrowed, she knew what Morty meant to herself, she leaped from her web and chased him down the edge of the wheel’s raised shelf. With horror, the baby spiders watched on, barely wanting to continue to view, but they knew it was in the best interests for their mother’s safety that their eyes view their proof and take in their fill. Morty was frantic, he bound away in a panic, for he knew what Mother could do!

She was fearsome, she was bold, she was nothing to compare with anything elderly or old. Her hunting skills were the finest, and wouldn’t Morty know it, for he suddenly recognised Mother with her two marks behind her fangs: she had taken out his uncle years prior, and after the meal eaten him, after their evening kiss, why this was a fact that was most certainly not remiss!

After escaping her chase, Morty had to abandon his new home, the monster truck wheel which was slightly flattened and could no longer roll, he had to desert this wondrous new environment which he had only recently discovered, because this Mother spider was a fierce carnivore! Thank goodness he escaped without needing to bare his teeth, for this was the only defence mechanism he had been shown by his own mother, the wonderful dream that was she, and aside from hoppity-hoppitting away from the ferocious mother spider, he left with all his teeth and legs intact, now there’s the spiders’ tales to ponder. Will they continue to rule all, live fiercely without appearing so, and gather any intruder within their grasps, until they are left well alone?

What a saddening tale for Morty the Grasshopper, at least he had experienced a few weeks of large wheel exploration which he loved. He now knows to fully explore any new place which he decides he may want to call home, and safely he does this now, carefully before he lays claim or decides to say whichever large or gigantic place he apparently now owns.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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