Poetry and Prose: A Flower From Her Love – 12/09/19

He rarely buys me flowers. It isn’t because he lacks sentimentality. It’s because I know, that, while pretty, their company will only last for a short while. But when he does, their perfume will romance me, I will breathe in their intoxicating scent, I will feel their colours bloom before me, a wondrous presence I have been given. Still, I ache at their loss, when they inevitably die away, although I know, that unlike the flowers which graced my world for a few days, that his love for me remains. It is here to stay.

This morning he steps into the kitchen with a cheeky, knowing expression on his face. His hands are behind his back, as though there is something obscured that he is so proud to hide from me. Something which he can’t wait to present, something exciting, perhaps. Something I’d love, with his intent so potent. I’m playful, my eyes dance, I know there’s something to expect from my love, something within his strong hands.

“What do you have there, darling?” I ask. With a flourish, he draws his arms from his back, presenting to me, before my delighted face, a beautiful bloom for me to have. Its colouring and perfume, so wondrous to accept, to breathe in and view. I smile, jump up and down, grasp it within my hands then hold his firmly, too.

“My darling, thank you so much, for being in my life.”

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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