Poem: Apparition in the Night – 04/10/19

 The apparition comes in the dead of night
One unblinking unnerving pupil
A ghastly flowing body
He enters my dreams soundlessly
Through the cavities of my broken mind he travels quite efficiently.
Never ceasing to amaze,
This apparition knows how to communicate entirely wordlessly.
How he emphasises his point
Drives into the ground his defiance
That his phantasmagoric appearance is required
For with the night he has made an alliance.
Tucked away within my mind is he
The corners and avenues where he travels does he
Knowing solely what he is looking for
That one key for opening that mighty blocking locked door.
Then my secrets will spill forth,
All, the lot of them
To be viewed,
To be sifted through by him.
He will never find that key
Never, not even in my weakened state of sleep
My dreams now provide a barrier
Impenetrable they are,
No gaps, the lock is heavy, wrought, and my intention for it complete.
Phantom, you may now take leave of this scene,
Your presence is unrequired here,
Your expulsion is as exactly as it seems.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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