Poetry and Prose: Shedding Her Print – 07/10/19

Photo by Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well

Unlike a leopard that will never change its spots, this girl has shed her spotted print. She has altered her life for the better, she has cast aside those undesirable traits which lurked within. She is different now, careful, yet carefree, light as a feather. Her heart and mind are filled with gladness, there is nothing to cause her to be grumbled and sour nor overly candid.

Unlike that leopard which will forever hold its spots, she has deterred herself from behaviours that are unnecessary, unnoteworthy, and which had not aided her plight, nor changed her for the better. Now she is wholesome in goodness, rested in the night and brightened in the day. There is little she yearns for, because she has them provided for her and by her in many and most ways.

In her world she searches for moments of true happiness, sparkles in her eyes, plucked from the skies by fingertips eager for more twinkling light, and she carries these sparks inside of her, releases them inside her billowing heart, large enough and large enough it becomes, for her world which was often torn apart.

Now she holds so many sparkling love-bugs, brightness inside her chest, that she smiles to herself, secretively loving the fact that she has her own collection, to keep them at their best. Where she will nurture their glistening hopeful selves, reminding her to cherish everything tiny and immaculate, whether minute or precious within her world, and live with the understanding that some human leopards can shed their prints even at the worst of times.

After all, it’s only a pattern, and a habit can be formed in so many days, how easy enough it has been to displace her negative traits, and place herself within a desirable loving stage.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.  

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