Poem: Nap Time – 10/01/20

 Thank you to someone special who permitted his
 fictionalising and through heavy edits, turned out 
 to be a different character entirely.
 ~ ~ ~
 I dance and prance before you, 
 playful hands edging your way, 
 eclectically jabbing to ruffle you, closer and closer,   
 my painted smile beams as hips swivel and sway.
 You present a stern scowl, 
 you have to nudge me aside, 
 you encourage my return to my original tasks,
 you’ve important things to do and write.
 But, I see the light in your eyes shine,
 your body moving to a rhythm as I continue this 
 interrupting frolic of mine,
 your computer screen's terminal is Darth Vadar black,
 flickering with a white-hat coder's dream.
 Riled though you appeared,
 I am highly amused, 
 so greatly so 
 I could mischievously perform all day.

 The tickle that grows in my throat from suspecting
 you are at the very least mildly moved makes me want to 
 squeal and giggle,
 I suppress them though, 
 I don't want to cause any unwanted upheaval.
 I know I’m likely interrupting something significant 
 but at this moment, it is time for you and I,
 together we can cherish my merriment and enjoyment,
 and perhaps even some special moments.
 But, you need to study, or at least want to concentrate 
 on something else entirely,
 you have certain things to attend to,
 well, darling, so do I, I’m taking a break
 isn’t it time you took one with me, too?
 All I want is to lie down, 
 to stretch this aching body of mine,
 using my mind for hours on end causes me 
 tightened muscles and lethargy,
 I just need to rest my eyes. 
 I wish for your companionship,
 we don’t have much personal time together,
 while I don’t wish for anything serious,
 I would love to have your comfort. 

 Where even the friction of your body lying next to mine 
 makes me feel contented and whole and 
 less alone, 
 the firmness of your form casts aside the 
 feeling of solitude begot from 
 working in your second study, 
 my temporary isolated room.
 Because I have purposefully excised myself from 
 the previous co-working area, 
 in this new study is where I find my privacy, 
 but after a few hours and a spell, 
 I’d like to have you next to me, sweet and loving,
 to let me feel your heart which, for me, beats so well.
 You finally acquiesce, I lie across your bed,
 obnoxiously taking up both places,
 with a smile, you roll me to one side,
 I lie down, curl into a ball 
 and with a giggle, proceed to snore. 
 You wrap your arms around me, 
 with a warmth I wish I had always known, 
 forms melding together, as though our curves were made 
 to fit the other's. 

 Your hands begin to explore but I push them away,
 push, push, push as you might have desired to do 
 during my amusing dance,
 It is time for sleep, I explain,
 this is the pressing matter of the hour,
 I feel your mood drop,
 your body disappointedly relax, 
 but soon we are asleep, 
 how I love our nap time.   
 © 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
 All images signed “LMH” 
 are copyrighted 2019-2020 by Lauren M. Hancock 
 and all rights reserved.
Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash 

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