Poem: Letting It Go – 29/12/20

Let us ride the waves of misery but away, away from the blight, allow us to shine with the knowledge of that mystery, as we approach each other in the dead of night. And let us have that embrace which has been awaiting us for oh so many years, let me feel that heartbeat of yours and detract from all my old fears. Please let me wash away the hurt that I feel within my soul, let it rain, let it rain, and rinse away the suffering, [...]

Poem: The Working Week – 01/08/20

Monday draaags himself in, he doesn’t want to be here, other Mondays wave from behind stern mugs of coffee, they also don't wish to be here. Sunday and Saturday had the time of their lives the previous days, they celebrated and socialised in a manner that really was purely wholehearted in so many ways.   [...]

Poem: Projection – 20/07/20

You say it’s not right, that you’ve left an untidy impression, you didn’t need to leave that lingering taste upon her lips, here is your apprehension.  You say you've projected yourself far more than you desire yourself to be viewed but how to disentangle yourself from this resultant unhealthy view? Would you allow yourself the [...]