Poem: Languidness – 16/01/20

Languid, my arm flops and hangs from the mattress, I am but a mere weakened being suffering my body’s wretched heat.   My toes wriggle, it’s the most exercise I’m able to perform, I am exhausted, and I’ve barely woken up.   What is this ill health surrounding my body? a yellowing at the edges [...]

Poem: Suspended – 12/01/20

She hangs mid-air, suspended, as though from faint fairy strings, with the mischievous beings, barely there, holding her aloft, chattering quietly, smiling, sparkling, socialising among themselves.   She understands she is not perfect, she’s been sneered at and jeered at all year, a hopeless reach into the view for perfection she’s been striving for, because [...]

Poem: Nap Time – 10/01/20

Thank you to someone special who permitted his fictionalising and through heavy edits, turned out to be a different character entirely. ~ ~ ~ I dance and prance before you, playful hands edging your way, eclectically jabbing to ruffle you, closer and closer, my painted smile beams as hips swivel and sway. You present a [...]

Poem: Grandfather Clock – 07/01/20

You are a grandfather clock, grand, looming, and majestic, with a cabinet of stained ornate timber, and that entrance which houses all things fantastic.   I will sit before you, cross-legged as I listen to you regale me with tales of steady, calming ticking, a metronome of eternity, a heavy heartbeat within your formality.   [...]