Poem: Around My Neck, Close To My Heart – 09/02/20

The gems, they are too pretty.
They mesmerise, but none gain the fervent attention of my eyes,
they yield none of the consideration that they are deserving of.
I search for something that is right for me,
the properties, they must match my intent,
and I spot the stone I have been yearning for yet already own,
it’s rough, unfinished, and as ginormous as a palm sized moon.
I know I cannot touch this one,
it is too out of my realm,
and though I earnestly ache for its lustre,
it is not a choice; I cannot make a decision to take this home.
Instead I select a differing pendant,
same stone, yet smooth in finish,
the lustre is decent, but not as impressive as the former,
I wish for the properties to bring forth certain qualities,
to aid my personal growth,
to facilitate.
Some may think me silly but I am believing,
and this surely must be all that matters.
But why add when I already have?
Why take away from the gift when I have been presented
a heartfelt token?
I chide myself for being greedy,
for wanting more,
convincing myself otherwise,
and I understand, deep within,
that it’s not right, 
I tell the woman to replace it within the display,
perhaps someone more wanting will take it home another day.
I have enough around my heart, my neck, their love,
from those who mean so much though they are only two 
but together and alone a force unto themselves,
they will always be here for me, as long as they and I are willing,
and I’ll carry their hearts around me like an auric breeze.
The memories of times we’ve had,
shared alike and known to be,
an expression of their love,
a material possession, an offering,
I’ll forever keep this with me.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by 杰杰 张 from Pixabay

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