Poem: The Heavy Bass – 18/01/20

I feel the beat within my veins, Vibrations, thrown off syncopation, They pull me from edge to edge, Paper thin and treacherous they betray the solid beats, An insistence of one-two-three-four, Heavy pounding, bass throbbing.   Then, the lyrics, Divine, Singing of being unbreakable, Is that what we are? Are we made of such strength [...]

Poem: Outrageous, Woman – 15/01/20

I am outrageously emotional, perhaps it is the time of your menses, you suggest. Insensitive little man, you will not remain long with that attitude of rude assumption.   You pride yourself on tinkering with words which speak dully, with a hollowness that persists, your xylophone of musicality is anything but lyrical or sweet.   [...]

Poem: Bebsis – 09/01/20

my bebsis — what can I say about her?   nothing more than the enormity of everything which I would readily articulate, with such gratitude I would spout clouds of perfumed sentiment that would bury us both and playfully we would cast aside the damp to find the merriment, the celebration behind our conjoining, as [...]