Poem: airless dolls – 21/11/21

the righteous favour the brave but the brave favour themselves there’s little need to further delve it’s just the way they display themselves barbie girls upon on the shelf awaiting their knight to be rescued by the hero victorious from the fight they smile from cheek to cheek pearly whites framed by pillows of pale high society pink [...]

Poem: i wish – 20/11/21

i wish i wish to be seen for who I haven’t been before a need to be admired for who I am becoming and more not by others, no, but by myself, for who I am, who I am now, a genuine self-satisfaction for my hard work my development my resilience my growth it’s as though I wandered the nights for hours and years in the undergrowth dampened spirits, lingering hope every chance seemed uplifting, crazy, the freshest answer to me, solutions to breathe, but devastation only met me, befell me and thus, from success I would fall away, I would flee. [...]

Poem: wild dance – 11/11/21

I dance with my heart in the moon’s mouth he treasures it gently, carries it lightly never will he drop it because he is divining surely total ineptitude I sit here hands open wide and smile give me my heart back I speak with earnest he shakes his head a little while and sighs and relinquishes as he views my desperation to once again be in pure contemplation in recipient of my beating heart filled with fervour and pace like a startled rabbit I need it I want it he hands it to me reinsertion: my heart begins to race [...]