Poem: Her Sorcery – 13/08/21

Haunted are her eyes above a winsome smile, wistful character is she, hoping for more in a while. Fallen by the wayside, all her trickery, her witchery, her cosmetics, her haberdashery. By goodness what is told beneath those furrowed brows? Heavy times envisaged, poignant moments told, she loves to flicker her eyes from the land to the sea, a calming peacefulness takes over she. [...]

Poem: Rose – 07/08/21

What we are and we feel are two different concepts, notions I need to feel, I watch from within as thoughts build and layers harden then peel like ancient flakes of house paint decorating that life we accepted and treasured within, I know through deep understanding that each flake tells a story, it’s witnessed so much of life to be felt, heard, and seen. [...]

Poem: Distance – 06/08/21

the distance between myself and the south side of that road, the longest path I’m sure some have ever known, try to tiptoe along the lane, whisper under breath, assertions born tame, but they are still valid, present they be, a jolt, a justification seems questionable, but in the end, both visions and truth are vividly seen as the same.[...]