Poem: A Gentle Reminder – 16/04/20

Bulging eyes like those of a mute man’s persuasion, an idiomatic world wreaking destruction with its occupants not any worse or well off than the land they stand upon, Ingot! Ingot! Who told me you’re the one?   I never put on the shield of makeup without first assessing the importance, painting, changing, it’s all [...]

Poem: Cotton Wool – 15/04/20

They cotton woolled me, padded me safe, to ensure if I fell, I wouldn’t crash, bang, break.   To make sure that I was protected by the softened cloud, like a growing cumulus I would travel here, there, about.   But always did I feel this protection surrounding me, a knowledge that when I’d fall [...]

Poem: The Others – 28/02/20

The others watch me lazily, yet with intent, from their quiet area of silent judgement, it is as though I am being assessed for living and breathing, such a scoundrel I am, I must turn the tables, to impress!   Yet why bother when these individuals are perpetually displeased? There seems little point in exacerbating [...]

Poem: Geraniums – 24/02/20

I glance at the geraniums, It seems they glance sideways at me. Some are happy, bubbly, cheery, And others, they carry a known disease, Of negativity among the cheer, The mirth, The banter, The geraniums are not completely innocent, No, some were willing to barter.   Some have exchanged their good looks for power, The [...]

Poem: Unease – 20/02/20

The feeling I get when attending is one of great unease. I have not been here for long, but my heart pitter-patters, fluttering in the breeze.   Why am I so nervous? I used to attend and be present many, many times, a feeling of stupendous awakening? I’m unsure of this, though I’ll be brave [...]