Poem: Overlooked – 06/03/20

We so often overlook those who should be
treasured in our lives,
those stoic, and brave, and loving,
and loyal,
who are there for us to lean upon,
exclusive and selective,
they’ve been chosen and choose to be 
continually here for us.
Yet our hearts pull away,
they are failing in many measures,
to look after the meaning,
the extended love,
we have no gratitude for some of our beings.
Whether we are horrid, cruel or unkind,
for whatever reason,
there is this created divide,
and daughters and mothers,
sons and fathers,
cousins and uncles,
and brothers and sisters,
lovers and best friends,
the allegiances becoming visibly divisible,
the divides unlikely to aid the other
whom is extending their hand or arm to the another.
And how their stomachs twist and turn at understanding
their love has been thrust forth and away
into a circumstantial day where their 
emotions and concern
are withering, forgotten,
by the foibles of the intended receiver,

and there are moments where one of the parties 
simply wishes to crack,
due to the bitter betrayal cast with 
little thought by the receiver,
and sadness, depression will set in,
perhaps it’ll take months to repair the trust
and break down those walls.
So easily we can pass over
but so easily we can be passed over ourselves,
if only we opened our hearts to true love and comfort,
we’d understand those close to us in our lives,
even further,
they hold only the best intentions for ourselves.
So quieten down our passive animosity
and maybe they'll accept that sometimes 
some are unwilling to be reached,
perhaps in time our barriers will open,
the gates parting ways
and permission to let another inside our hearts and minds
will be accepted,
these moments will be everything,
this is when truthful emotions will be well received.  
© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by 733215 from Pixabay

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