The rise : today – 12/01/22

my heart, oh my heart, it fills my mouth spills onto my chest a plethora of liquid love well blessed because I expelled those demons those pains those sufferings those feeling of inadequacy of needing to be noticed and appreciated by the lot of them I don’t need to be understood any longer I don’t [...]

Poem: personal astronomy – 12/12/21

as I speak, I wonder, what is there to gather from this world we inhabit? what is there to take away from it? to cherish, to treasure from it? so much to glean so many concepts felt, seen and thriving is this feeling I have within me for I have grown wiser from my experiences played puppet and now I dance the strings with ease it’s electrifying to know that I can direct my movements rest assured, Life is calling, finally, and I am welcomed by it. [...]

Poem: Overlooked – 06/03/20

We so often overlook those who should be treasured in our lives, those stoic, and brave, and loving, and loyal, who are there for us to lean upon, exclusive and selective, they’ve been chosen and choose to be continually here for us.   Yet our hearts pull away, they are failing in many measures, to [...]