My First Poem on Ephemeral Elegies: ‘The Former Famines’

My first poem titled ‘The Former Famines’ has been published on Ephemeral Elegies, which details some difficult periods I experienced throughout my early adulthood and beyond.

Here is an excerpt:

 There were times when I ate nothing but
 plumes of poisoned smog for days on end.
 I’d avoid anything heavy or even meagrely there,
 to place a mere morsel in my mouth was something
 too tempting and somehow undignified,
 something forbidden,
 leading to:
 a loss of control,
 frenzied ingestion,
 then disgust with myself —
 reaching for a dose so potent it equated to poison.

Continue reading at Ephemeral Elegies...

Image by lisa870 from Pixabay

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