Poem: A Young Girl’s Whims – 16/05/20

She walks a path undiscovered,
at least until now,
where peonies and sunflowers and daffodils
all happily and prettily grow in rows.
Her eyes take in the sights,
famished of beauty they had become,
but now greedily they feast upon
the beauty right before them.
She smiles quietly,
as though she holds a secret all her own,
and time having passed by so secretively,
this is the truth,
she may know something that others don’t.
And while she wanders past the flowers,
now onto other garden beds,
the brightness in her face
illuminates the current splendour;
this girl could brighten a room.
For she is strong yet soft,
brave yet cautious,
knowing but open,
wise and wondering.
She seeks her destiny as much as you,
aware of her surroundings
but open to that which may become,
something that could bring about harm.
She continues wandering,
innocently, freely,
touching the blossoms as she goes,
a glance upwards towards a kingdom
where she must return,
her dreams and fancies she throws to the clouds.
Oh, Mother, oh Mother, will you love these?
she murmurs,
as she gathers wistful blooms which know
they must give in,
their lives, their self-sacrifice,
beauty and all,
all for a young girl’s whims.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

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