Poem: An Historical Hourglass – 31/05/20

Time spent,
time passed,
overlooking the trickling hourglass.
Many years have been told,
my stories of old,
projected through this object.
Each grain of sand
a moment,
an event, or emotion captured in time,
treasuring my history,
whether it be beautiful, depressive, 
riddled with angst, or shining exceptionally bright.
When I see these events 
or moments
slowly fall to the vessel’s section below,
I am reminded of
the feelings,
my recollections take hold.
And how I have grown
from a petulant being
to a wiser, more worldly woman,
I pride myself on being accepting,
playful, joyful, and loving.
Though the history
was filled with
great turmoil,
I can empathise with others more
because of my winding paths undertaken,
my twists and my twirls.
To be loving and forgiving in almost all respects,
it’s taken many years of learning –
I’m finally here,
I am more accepting of
what has been, what has passed,
and what might never be.
I possess the maturity
to no longer take umbrage
to slights or underhanded insults,
nor do I heavily and negatively
or wallow in self-doubt.
I glance back at and into the hourglass,
though I know rumination
has its place,
let me allow the tales of old
to become simply historic,
in my mind, only saved.
There is no need to cling
to the grains of lost dunes,
I’m much happier now,
warbling, singing
my own tunes,
mischievous and loud.
Towards the future
I look forth,
the final sand grains fall,
into the lower portion
of the hourglass,
quietly, now settled.
And I guess that’s just it,
I must permit the past
to delicately drift away,
Lessons and strength
have been learned,
I’m fresh to face another day.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by annca from Pixabay

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  1. Ah the hourglass The owner of time The one that we cannot control The track of our lives How long does the sand drip? Who has control? Will we scream at the end?

    DMW Hancock


    Liked by 1 person

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