Poem: Yesterday’s News – 20/06/20

Why would I want
yesterday’s news?
Through stale headlines
I’d peruse,
collecting well-learned facts,
impact flatter than a tack,
what am I to do
with yesterday’s news?
Just yesterday,
headlines stunned,
they proved 
others’ wrongs,

what was going on
in people’s
calm, proud, or contentious
but, tell me this,
my interest’s amiss,
I only have bright eyes 
for today’s worldly affairs,
you see!
Tired old news
has no place,
the bold, firm,
new headlines
taking shape!
And what to do
with saggy, bitter news?
Throw those headlines
to the wolves,
unless for them,
our curiosity
still has a use.
So, turn the pages of The Age
or Herald Sun,
the Sydney Morning Herald,
or perhaps
a local one,
absorb news of
terrible catastrophes,
learn bold statistics,
market growth,
the rise or fall of the
temperamental Dow Jones,
then wait until
when new ink
will tell fresh tales,
different notes,
different tones,
fresh truths
to inform and overwhelm,
then, we will eagerly devour
the new words
as though we’ve never
seen such interesting detail,
why, won’t we be so informed?
So well-read, so many facts to tell?
By tomorrow,
today’s news will be
tired facts,
we’ll await
the new morning,
a mass of words
presented to greedy eyes
and hungry hands.
But, perhaps all facts still
retain their importance,
no matter their age or relevance,
maybe there’s no such thing as
“yesterday’s news”,
either then, tomorrow, or today,

some facts remain as 
important facts,
of this truth I already knew,

apparent judgements withdrawn,
null and void,
perhaps some of yesterday's news
can stay.
© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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