Poem: Thank You – 27/06/20

Sometimes I don’t feel like writing,
but something compels me
to create,
to dig deep beneath
the superficial,
to find something meaty,
or rich like marrow, 
a delicious read to taste.
Something tantalizing,
that the reader will
hunger for,
whetting the appetite,
will palatable words soar?
What can I create?
What can I make?
That will appeal to others
It is my duty
with this pen,
to detail something
both truthful and meaningful
that cannot be ignored by them.
But, I can fail in this measure,
no matter the arduous
work and time
I put into a piece,
some works are destined to 
have little success,
some untoward qualities that
won’t beckon to thee.
I can’t please everyone
with my daily content,
although I will
thank you all,
those who remain,
those who decided to stay,
even those curious,
for a fleeting look,
I am so grateful
for your presence hereupon this day.
Please visit another time,
when you view the moment opportune,
to share in my thoughts,
up, up, and away.
I know sometimes
my words may be stale,
perhaps for you
they do not ring true,
but I’m only human,
with imperfections 
just like you,
and my words can
carry fault with them, too.

But I thank you for
your attention,
as I happily reflect
or share bittersweet disconnect,
and for allowing yourselves
to be an audience,
I am utterly thankful
that my words you continue to peruse -

I hope to see your inquisitive faces 
again very soon.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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