Poem: Ceremony, Interrupted (Fiction) – 29/06/20

Loyalty can be twisted in this bitter life,
one pledges themselves to you,
through the bitter, through the challenging,
through the positives, through strife.
A hand outreached,
a hand to hold,
to be indelicately snatched away?
What am I to do with myself,
you swore to love me evermore,
upon that magical day.
We may have performed this ceremony
with little formalities,
little rules,
a lacking of an officiant, a priest,
but our careful words were filled with loving intent,
our adoration was there to be seen.
By the pond in the park,
where waddled white happy ducks,
we joined ourselves with love and hope,
no matter that it was make-believe,
this signalled our time,
our moment,
when our lives became so close.
Entwined were our destinies,
we were meant to meet,
our fate so rich, so true,
no matter the circumstances,
you promised to cherish me,
as I will always cherish you.
As our friends and family
stood by,
so chuffed,
so proud,
a voice called from behind everyone,
a bitter, demon-like sound.
Did you realise what he did to you?
Do you realise what he’s done?

Open mouths,
everyone turned,
to view this evil one.
Her eyes were crazed,
she was proud to show her wretched face,
she screamed on and on
that you have been unfaithful,
you pulled your hand from mine,
stepped forward to confront her,
but with a sly grin,
she dashed away on her own accord.
Is this the truth? I demanded.
It was something I could not believe,
all nights spent together,
You’ve always been with me.

You shook your head frenetically,
you would not humour that ‘basket case’,
She’s an old flame, you explained,
who was jealous when I left.

I sighed with relief,
surely this was the truth,
you wound your arm around my waist,
yet my mind knew what to do.
I would not question you further,
but I will investigate her details,
what kind of a person with a mouthful of lies
ruins an unofficial, yet heartfelt union??

After the ceremony, you quietly pulled me aside
to say...

My heart is so devastated,
my life will never again be the same.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Image by Kerstin Riemer from Pixabay

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