Poem: A Bipolar’s Addled Mind – Spoken Word and Text – 26/06/20

https://soundcloud.com/user-894707136/a-bipolars-addled-mind-spoken-word-poetry I shriek, my body flushed and covered with welts, my very first memory, my very first malady.   Illness will follow me wherever I go. My violin's bow hairs tightly hug the strings, as left-hand dexterity is a-flurry, the fruits born of my first psychosis, the magic of a mind wholly scattered and broken, [...]

Poem: First and Foremost – Spoken Word and Text – 25/06/20

https://soundcloud.com/user-894707136/first-and-foremost-spoken-word-poetry-1 Jovial and content, happy, playful, sweet, a way of living has evolved from haphazard, crazed dreams.   Where I tumbled from one scene to another, trying to find where I belonged,   acceptance, love, were what I was seeking, the line thrown to reach them rigid and taut.   No more slapdash or faux [...]

Poem: Gnawing Nails – 22/06/20

Fingernails ache from gnawing, desperately famished things are they,   ever-searching, ever-hunting, for fresh flesh to drag into – carefully they will take aim.   These nails are not discerning, they take, rip apart, any creature that they can,   fury, famine, circumstances, alleviating hunger, annihilating the need for Man.   Man used to feed [...]

Poem: The Thundering Waves – Spoken Word and Text – 22/06/20

https://soundcloud.com/user-894707136/the-thundering-waves-spoken-word-poem The quiet solitude as waves roll in, their silent crescendos, thundering vibrations only I can feel within.   The rumbling of their presence marks tremulous tumultuous moments, fear impending, a sense of doom all around.   When did I sign up for this battlefield?   One in which only I can sense and anticipate, [...]

Poem: Yesterday’s News – 20/06/20

Why would I want yesterday’s news? Through stale headlines I’d peruse,   collecting well-learned facts, impact flatter than a tack, what am I to do with yesterday’s news?   Just yesterday, headlines stunned, they proved others’ wrongs, what was going on in people’s calm, proud, or contentious lives,   but, tell me this, my interest’s [...]