Poem: They Can Try – 23/06/20

Sometimes in this life,
you’ll come across
people who want to
bring you down.
To place you lower
than themselves,
control your voice,
mute your sound.
They may be able
to control within
a certain realm,
where cavalry
and royalty
exist where they live,
but they cannot
snatch the fight from you,
your opportunity
to present your facts,
to fervently express,
to succinctly speak.
Perhaps you’re unaccepted in
their built-up kingdom,
but the fact of the
matter is, 
I’m not sinking,
I don’t need saving.
Am I a pesky person
for sharing on and on
at length,
confessions in the form of
blunt or flowery,
sometimes thicker than timber,
facts to be saved, learned or relived?
Is this a crime or sin?
I shan’t allow
the silencing to have
any ill effect,
if I’m not welcome,
I’m unwelcome,
an ironic fact this is.
I shall carry on,
carry on,
I don’t need to
share when words
are halted by others,
I’ll accept the apparent ruse,
and right the wrongs
by continuing to
share as I see fit,
I have my own space
for poetic compositions and tunes.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay 

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