Poem: A Regretful Birdie – 05/07/20

I’ve been a little bit out of sorts,
my home here has been,
shall I say,
Like a bird fiercely destroying her
carefully-made nest,
I’ve been somewhat selfish,
and uncaring.
I’ve pecked and I’ve pecked
to force the hand of certain truths,
I’ve dragged apart a
consistent image,
to reveal holes,  
jagged self-awareness,
revelations which
refuse to soothe,
this birdie attacked
her woven home,
but repair is not
so far off.
Forgive me,
I beseech thee,  
I didn’t mean
to tear this apart.
My once-comforting realm is
now littered with
harsh-trilled tunes,
this little birdie deeply
expresses her regret,
I shall set about repairing the damage
for me, for us, for them, for you,
so setting foot here is
less confronting,
enabling our ability to relax,
to easily breathe,
I just want to share
and interact,
present the freedom, not constriction,
of thoughtfully crafted poetry.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Image by kytalpa from Pixabay

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