Poem: Stop This Madness – 07/07/20

If you’ve been asked if you’ve
a cold or a cough,
and you answer in the

then you sit down
and begin to wheeze,
what are you doing here?
Potentially putting 
others' lives at risk.

The medical receptionist,
she looks mildly irritated,
and highly concerned,
at the fact that this cough could
be an effect of that which
we are all so fearful of.

You’re making others edgy,
I know I’m sitting here anxious,
wondering whose air is
fleetingly expiring:
are your particles contagious?

We are in a pandemic,
you’ve been exposed to
screening questions,
here I sit,
because the coughing just
will not cease.
Other patients
begin to grumble,
I can hear the disapproval
in their tones,
though I cannot discern
their words clearly,
I know they’re wondering why
a tele-health appointment
wasn’t arranged,
why the offending splutterer
did not stay at home.
I know that we all have a right
to be seen to
when we are unwell,
but please,
won’t you abide by the rules?
I wish you the medical attention
you require,
but your presence
could prove a risk to us all.
I could sit here and
ignore the noises,
not allow them to make me
glance over
my shoulder with irritation,
because I care for my health,
and others too,
I wouldn’t attend the clinic
if I had a persistent cough,
and I hoped that neither would you.
Please stay safe,
and allow others to remain so, too.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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  1. The fact that we are in a pandemic is a concern. We haven’t seen something like this in quite some time. We do not have a cure for it. It is natural for people to be concerned, and in some instances be over concerned. I work at a Hospital, and I have to assist with the clean up of grounds. This includes nappies, tissues, bottles, cans, cigarette butts, and anything else people decide to leave lying around.

    Considering COVID19 exists on a shiny surface for 24 hours is a concern. And people who are healthy have a right to know if they are being put at risk anywhere. This is why the government introduced the COVID19 app. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would like to be alerted if someone had COVID19 and were near me. Anxiousness is very high at the moment in society. The buildings in Melbourne that are in complete lock down, I’ve seen people from the BLM movement trying to show residents who would not comply with the rules, who are unruly themselves, and thus resist arrest, film officers detaining a person peacefully without violence, but these people make them out to the the victim.

    It isn’t fair to the rest of us law abiding, understanding persons who do as we are told to cease the spread, and all it took for this pandemic to spike up again were some people who didn’t think the reasonable rules didn’t apply to them. Worse still, some believe it to be a 5g, consipiracy, crackdown affair purported by a totalitarian, tyrant government. It’s absolute rubbish that these people believe such things. I work where people strive everyday to ensure the safety of others, I am screened daily by infrared and thermometers at work.

    We have a strict rule that if you have so much as sniffle, you go home and get tested. Having had the COVID19 test, it is a shock when they try and find the deepest point of your nasal cavity, but it is something that has to be done. People have absolutely not idea beyond their own victim mentality the long term damage such a virus could have on human beings. When people decide to stop making it all about them, then perhaps things will change. But sadly, there are concerned people. They don’t know what to do, and some do want to see the world burn sadly. It is a mess at the moment. All we can do is follow the rules in place, assist where possible and think twice before any kind of risky behaviour.

    This includes offering first aid to people on the street, or stopping to help a stranger. I am asked daily “Do you have any flu like symptoms?” “Have you met anyone with COVID19 recently?” “Do you have a cough at the moment?” “Have you been overseas or come back from overseas in the last 24hrs?” – This is everyday. It is something we all have to get used to. It hasnt been cured, and god knows when that will happen. So yes, concern is correct in your poetry, it is a worry. I dont think anyone wants to wake up and say, YAY I HAVE AN INCURABLE DISEASE!!! It is certainly not on anyones Christmas list.

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    1. I replied to your comment last night but unfortunately it didn’t display.

      Yes, it is a mess at the moment, and sadly some people have been acting like the virus has disappeared. I went to the shopping centre the other day and it was absolutely packed, especially the food court, people ignoring social distancing, even if there is no seating available for eating the food at.

      There have been other mistakes made which have led us to this stage of a second wave and restrictions to stay at home be place upon us again. It is restrictive but it is required. We need to get this spread under control, lest the numbers of infections continue to rise and rise.

      With some hope and adherence to rules, perhaps this state can get COVID back under control and flatten the curve once more. Moving forward is the only way.


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