Poem: A Meandering Path – 14/07/20

I take a walk down
Future’s Lane,
to view what’s on offer,
what goodies can I take?
To pluck from the bushes,
to gather from the trees,
elegant prizes which await me,
I need not beg,
nor lower myself to my knees.
For my future seems rich,
not with pennies or gold,
but with strength and
well-formed experiences,
they’re settled,
they’re silver, poetry and prose,
platinum and palladium,
I need not worry about golden views.
For the kingdom which beckons
and calls out my name,
from Future’s path
winding path to it from which I came,
it is modest,
it is small,
but perfect for me
and my quiet heart alone.
I’ve plucked the fruits
from the trees,
scrambled past brambles and briars
where curious-eyed rabbits rest,
awaiting me,
but within my kingdom,
is something only which I know of its name.
It is Freedom,
personal freedom,
to be as I wish and I will,
he’s a powerful soldier,
he’s waited for years,
and now, we are linked,
acceptance all the same.
I’m surprised he knows
me by name,
an excited fan’s moment,
mutual admiration
as he explains,
“I waited many years for you,
for your heart and courage
to expand,
as the entity I am,
you need not hold
my hand,
but you have arrived,
you’ll understand this more
as you continue growing on your journey,
your path.”
I smile to myself, I have my match,
he is here presenting a viewpoint,
offering what my path can be,
his freedom, my freedom, I could firmly grasp,
but then I realise,
I am already free,
because I have travelled near and far,
and to this Future, and seen what I have seen.
Thus, I will return to the present,
with this knowledge that now, not with time,
I already possess the courage and freedom
to live my life,

with honesty, strength and courage,
no one possesses my life other than me,
I am who I am,
I am alive, I am free.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by jarekgrafik from Pixabay

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