poem: time for change – 31/03/22

"TIME FOR CHANGE"(c) 2022 by Lauren M. Hancock it’s time to change,to embrace love and life,there is nothing I would erase;each moment and breatha welcome momentor an opportunity to learnto grow and accept the phase.Time and time againI found myself on the plane of existencewondering when would Life listen, with herpinpricked ears would she discern [...]

poem: still here despite it all – (repost from another platform) – 01/03/22

~~~~~Still Here Despite it All~~~~~~© 2022 Lauren M. Hancockwhat is it about me that this some of this world seems to abhor? Am I not immaculate enough, in and of myself, to be considered something sightly and toward? Someone worthy of being heard? Of not being ostracised, unread, too? Am I something so abhorrent that [...]

Poem: Lantern – 04/10/20

I try to light the way for myself, only me at the present, for myself I can only take responsibility, but maybe in the future I’ll brighten the paths of others, allowing them to feel illumination from my positive attitude and candour. I smile and I dance into my path of least resistance, of least duress, the lantern which dangles from my wrist [...]