Poem: The Irritated Sleep Poem – 16/07/20

I am tired,
feels like I barely slept a wink.
I don’t know who
wakes me,
but I stumble up and down
for a thirst-quenching drink,
my slumber interrupted,
four am or half past two,
what can I do
to simply sleep through?
Do I need to beat my pillow to tire myself,
until my knuckles turn raw red, or black and blue?
I operate through days like a zombie,
lidded eyes,
confused and grumbling,
wanting to get through the day,
yet all I’ll do is sleep it away,
I curl on the couch
though heater’s on,
I’m still freezing,
come what may, hey?
My rigid form
encourages only stilted blood flow,
if I moved more, I would warm up
but I only want to curl up just so.
My attitude easily becomes belligerent,
my irritation arises,
I need uninterrupted sleep, just once,
goddamn it,
how can I sort this problem out right???

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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