Poem: Good Samaritans – 16/07/20

Who is the Good Samaritan
in your life?
Hiding around corners,
quiet until
you’re experiencing strife?
Say you feel
your heart
erratically pounding,
left armpit paining,
and you fall, broken,
gasping desperately
to your knees,
who is the stranger
who steps forth,
up and ahead,
begins resuscitation,
breathing life
into your hungering lungs,
to keep going that massive, 
yet weakening heart?
Who remains calm,
attends to you,
keeping panic from your mind,
helps you focus on 
the positive things instead,
such as the future of your life?
You’re a good Samaritan, too,
you’ll help out
humankind where
you can,
anyone in pain
or suffering,
of course, within reason,
you’ll extend a helping hand.
I think within
us all –
most of us –
there is the propensity,
the desire to help,
to ensure the ailing,
the suffering,
the despairing, saddened, or sick
are attended to,
with a sense of hope and care ongoing.
Empathy is within
most of us,
given the opportunity
I’m sure we’d
want to help,
to better another's
or are my thoughts far
too positive?
I do not wish to overwhelm.
But I hold hope
for the general populace,
their empathy,
emotional intelligence held,
whether developed 
rapidly or slowly,
underneath we’re all
even if some of you think
mine is an idealistic dream.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

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